Why WealthCircles Financial…

and what the heck is a Wealth Circle?

Expanding Your Circles Of Influence Around Wealth

In his highly insightful book – The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey describes the process of becoming more self-aware of our pro-activity in regards to our time and energy, and of course our money, is to focus our attention not on those things that are outside of our control, or what he calls our “Circle Of Concern”, but instead focus our attention and intention on what we can control, our “Circle Of Influence”. He goes on to say that when we focus our efforts within our Circle of Influence, in a proactive and positive way, it naturally expands to encompass more aspects of our life that we can exercise some control over.

We believe this applies equally to our financial wealth. By pro-actively focusing our efforts on becoming more informed and educated in the area of our finances, we are working within our circle of influence on those aspects of our financial life that we can control and therefore expanding that influence which ultimately attracts more wealth with which we can apply to other areas of our life.

With this simple concept in mind, WealthCircles Financial offers a holistic yet simple wealth management solution with resources and information to empower individuals and families, and expand what we call your Circle Of Wealth.

In addition to the “Circles Of Wealth” concept from the SHOHEP book, I related the idea of circles to my studies of Gann theory in the speculation of stock markets.

W.D. Gann was an amazing mathematician and market operator from the 1930’s and 40’s and who has an unparrallelled track record of accurately forecasting stock and commodity markets many years in advance.

He used a variety of indicators, but in my research I’ve discovered he used the science of astrology and planetary movements in relation to stock market movements to call market turning points and price levels. He used the circle of 360-degrees extensively in his work, and the concept of circles within circles to teach the student about the long term cycles that are playing out in the marketplace.

I’ve made a study of his work for the past 15 years and continue to be astounded and amazed by the accuracy of some of my own findings. Many of which I never publish publicly, just little turns and timing points that I find based on planetary cycles and studying the circles of price and time. This is also where the concept of circles is relevant to my business here with WealthCircles. It’s wealth within the circles of time and money. Really, the circle works on many esoteric levels that I just resonated with so I based my brand on it.

So, why WealthCircles Financial?

WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd is an independent, privately owned company that operates almost entirely online. This allows us to keep our expenses low and within the realm of many more Australian’s looking for a simple solution to the otherwise complicated world of financial services and wealth creation. Operating under a General Advice only license, WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd aims to bring high performing wealth creation strategies to a marketplace of people who would not normally seek out a full service financial planner. Our online process means our clients can get all the information they need to make an informed decision without all the hassle and high fees.

WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd is a corporate authorised representative of AvalonFS Pty Ltd, who is licensed under Australian Financial Services Licence number 437518. For more information on what constitutes General Advice, or to access our Financial Services Guide (FSG), please see the footer of this page.