Self managed super fund administration

Self-Managed Super Funds have enjoyed an increase in popularity over recent years. Many people are attracted to the greater transparency, choice and control that an SMSF can offer. WCF in association with C2 Financial Group offer a complete SMSF establishment and ongoing administration service for clients wanting to maximise their retirement savings.


One of the many benefits of starting a SMSF is access to a larger array of investment alternatives. This may seem attractive at first, and there are restrictions on what an SMSF can invest in. At WCF, we specialise in managing investment portfolios on behalf of SMSF trustees and can assist you in reaching you’re retirement savings goals.

The good news is that setting up a Self Managed Super Fund has never been easier. If you have $200,000 (our recommended starting balance – smaller balances also considered) or more in Super funds, then a SMSF could be a good option for you to really maximise your long term savings as you move toward that time in your life when you are no longer working and earning a job income.

What Is A Self Managed Super Fund?

A Self Managed Super fund (or SMSF) is a superannuation fund where a member (along with up to 5 others) are also the trustees of the fund. Trustees are the one’s that have control over a super fund, and everything that goes on within it. And whilst “control” is the key driver as to why most people set up their own SMSF, it’s also important to note that this control also comes with certain responsibilities.

For more information on SMSFs and your responsibilities as the trustee of your fund, we recommend you go through the Lonsec learning library here.

Also, one of the two directors of C2 Super, John Collignon recently did a great podcast interview on “Using a SMSF to Invest in Cryptocurrencies“. Highly recommend you check it out if this an area of interest. He doesn’t just talk about Cryptos, but on SMSFs in general. Great information for those considering getting started with their own fund.

Maximise Your Retirement Savings With A High Performance Investment Portfolio

Once you’ve established your Self Managed Super Fund, and rolled over your funds from your existing Super Fund(s), you are now the trustee and charged with the responsibility to invest the funds according to your funds investment strategy. Your new SMSF from C2 Super comes complete with a high level investment strategy already built into the trust deed that conforms with the ATO’s requirements. It details the various asset classes that the fund will invest into, and it is also generic enough for you to add in whatever investments you deem suitable for your fund.

However, if you have little or no investment expertise, or simply don’t have the desire or inclination to undertake the research and due diligence required to find suitable growth assets for your fund, then we’ve got you covered.

WCF offer a series of high performing, direct portfolios of ASX-listed shares and ETFs that are designed with SMSF trustees in mind. We manage these portfolios on your behalf with regular performance reports to generate above market returns. All you need to do is select the appropriate risk model – i.e. from a low risk Defensive portfolio to a moderate to high risk High Growth portfolio. Obviously the higher the risk the higher the expected returns.

WCF’s Portfolio Management Services work in conjunction with the C2 Super administration service to provide you with a seamless investment program for your SMSF, including providing all tax reports to C2 Super for them to complete your SMSF’s annual financials and tax return.

Our objective with these invesment portfolios is to ensure the returns on your retirement savings in your SMSF not only exceed all the costs of running your SMSF, but to generate the kind of returns that will be hard to beat in other comparable investment opportunities.

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Wealth Protection Built Into Your Super Fund

You need to be aware that when you establish a new SMSF, and you “roll-over” your superannuation money from your existing fund, any life insurance policies that existed for you or your beneficiaries in that fund will expire and you will lose that cover.

At WCF, we can review your existing fund’s insurance policies and either replicate this same level of cover in your new SMSF, or if it turns out that you are under-insured for your current circumstances of life, we can set up a policy based on your current needs.

In many cases, we find the insurance cover within your Super fund is sadly under the levels it should be merely because the fund was most likely set up by your employer (past or present) and you were simply given the default insurance option. 

Without providing you with personal advice, you can use our simply online calculators to figure a level of cover for you and your family that ensures your future wealth is preserved no matter what befalls. And all paid for by your SMSF.

When you apply for your SMSF through WCF, we’ll assess your current life insurance levels and provide competitive quotes for your consideration. Once approved we will link these new insurance policies into your SMSF.