WCF Portfolio Management Service

Our Vision

An automated investment management service that delivers consistent returns for a given level of overall risk.

Simple And Effective

Consisting of 100% ASX-listed securities, both individual Australian companies and diversified ETFs, our portfolio's have consistently outperformed the market, which means higher returns for our client's.

Our Objective

To out-perform the related portfolio benchmark index in absolute returns after all fees, over a rolling 12-month basis.

Benchmarks And Risk Profiles

Our model portfolios are benchmarked against industry standard, multi-asset indexes and are based on 5 levels of risk - from Cautious to Aggressive.

Our Strategy

With over 30+ years experience in the financial markets, we employ a value driven selection criteria, overlaid with a proven cycle analysis methodology to ensure we buy good value at the right time.

Results Speak For Themselves

Using our stock selection and chart pattern system, we have consistently out-performed our benchmark indexes since inception. Whether you're looking for high growth over the longer term, or security and income in your retirement, we can structure a portfolio to suit your needs.

WCF manages Australian share portfolios for Individuals, Corporates and Self Managed Super Funds. Our unique approach draws on a well-researched and proven set of investment selection criteria and asset allocation models to create a range of model portfolios designed to outperform the market over the long term, while actively minimising risk. Along with the backing of a risk-centric AFS Licensee that oversees our investment activities, and using an industry award winning investment platform, you are assured of complete transparency and a high performance portfolio managed by professionals with a proven track record.

Our Performance

Our performance is measured by our model portfolios. These are hypothetical models that reflect the ideal balance of each asset class and constituent holding in each class based on the related risk profile. The returns published below are indicative only and actual client portfolio’s will differ due to the timing of investments and fees. 

Diversified Portfolios


Core investments which have a bias toward security of capital. Less than half of the portfolio is invested in property and Australian and international shares. This gives capacity for some capital growth over 3-5 years, along with some short-term volatility.


This portfolio aims to achieve a satisfactory market related return over the longer term (at least 5 years) with potential for moderate capital volatility in the shorter term. Contains a fairly balanced mix of all normal asset classes.


As the name suggests, this is a balanced portfolio of investments with a moderate tilt toward the more aggressive asset classes of Australian and international shares. Long term time horizon of 5 or more years. Some capital volatility in the short term.


A diversified portfolio of investments in mainly the more aggressive asset classes of Australian and international shares. With higher capital volatility, this portfolio is more suited to investors with a long term investment time horizon of more than 5 years. Not suitable for investors looking for income from their investments.

High Growth

A portfolio of investments predominantly in Australian and international shares. Due to the inherently high levels of volatility associated with these asset classes this portfolio is suited to people with an investment horizon of at least 7 years. This type of portfolio is unsuitable for clients requiring high levels of income from their investments.


Fees are charged monthly in arrears, except transaction fees which are charged at the time of any buys or sells of securities within your portfolio.

Our fee structure reflects our automated systems of wealth management and we believe is relatively inexpensive when compared to other “full service” financial planning providers.

Portfolio Management Fee

Calculated on the total funds under management on the last business day of each month.

  • For balances over $50,000 a flat 0.50% per annum – applied monthly.
  • For balances under $50,000, a flat 1.00% per annum – applied monthly.

Transaction Fees

Based on total funds under management as follows:

  • Under $50,000 – $25 or 0.11%, whichever is higher (base CommSec brokerage fee)
  • $50,000 up to $199,999 – $50 up to $5,000, then 1.00%
  • $200,000 up to $499,999 – $35 up to $5,000, then 0.70%
  • $500,000 or more – $25 up to $5,000, then 0.50%

Performance Fee

We aim to out-perform the related portfolio’s benchmark index (listed below) over a rolling 3-month basis. The relevant benchmark indexes are as follows:

WCF Model Benchmark Index* Growth Allocation**
Defensive FE UT Multi-Asset Cautious Index Maximum 20% growth
Conservative FE UT Multi-Asset Moderate Index Maximum 40% growth
Balanced FE UT Multi-Asset Balanced Index Maximum 60% growth
Growth FE UT Multi-Asset Growth Index Minimum 60% growth
High Growth FE UT Multi-Asset High Growth Index Minimum 80% growth

* Published monthly by Lonsec Research Pty Ltd

** A portfolio which holds a minimum or maximum percentage of assets (as shown) within Equities (Australian and Global) and the remainder in a combination of Fixed Interest Securities, Property, Hedge funds and Structured Products.

As an incentive for us to continue to produce above-market returns for our clients, we apply a performance fee of 20% (plus GST) of any amount above the related 3-month benchmark return. This calculation is performed monthly (based on the rolling 3-month return) and if applicable the fee will be applied within the first week of the following monthly in arrears. Any under-performance (or negative performance) compared to the benchmark is carried forward to subsequent months to be made up by future returns before a valid fee will be applied. Please see Terms and Conditions in the Investor Brochure for more detail.

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