WCF Portfolio Management Service

Our Vision

Automated Investment Management (with human oversight) that delivers consistent returns for a given level of overall risk.

Simple And Effective

Consisting of 100% ASX-listed securities, both individual Australian companies and diversified ETFs, our portfolio's have consistently outperformed the market, which means higher returns for our client's.

Our Objective

Out-perform the related portfolio benchmark index in absolute returns after all fees, over the financial year.

Benchmarks And Risk Profiles

Our model portfolios are benchmarked against industry standard, multi-asset indexes and are based on 5 levels of risk - from Cautious to Aggressive.

Our Strategy

With over 30+ years experience in the financial markets, we employ a value driven selection criteria, overlaid with a proven cycle analysis methodology to ensure we buy good value at the right time.

Results Speak For Themselves

Using our stock selection and chart pattern system, we have consistently out-performed our benchmark indexes since inception. Whether you're looking for high growth over the longer term, or security and income in your retirement, we can structure a portfolio to suit your needs.

WCF manages Australian share portfolios for Individuals, Corporates and Self Managed Super Funds. Our unique approach draws on a well-researched and proven set of investment selection criteria and asset allocation models to create a range of model portfolios designed to outperform the market over the long term, while actively minimising risk. Along with the backing of a risk-centric AFS Licensee that oversees our investment activities, and using an industry award winning investment platform, you are assured of complete transparency and a high performance portfolio managed by professionals with a proven track record.

Our Risk-Based Portfolios

Choose from 5 model portfolios based on your tolerance for risk and expectation of investment returns. All of our portfolios are individually managed based on the asset alloocations of your chosen risk profile directly on the ASX (using AUSIEX) consisting of direct shares and ETFs, so your portfolio is transparent, dynamic and easy to liquidate when cash is required. 

High Growth

Our Performance

Inception date: 30-Jun-2018

These models are based on theoretical portfolios of ASX-listed securities which aim to show the growth in asset values across varying risk profiles and time periods.

Performance is calculated on the capital growth of asset values only. Dividend income, franking credits and management fees are not factored in. Model performance is calculated and presented as a guide only. Returns may be higher or lower within individual portfolios due to variable factors. This data, and all past performance data presented should not be relied on when making your investment decisions.

Portfolios are re-weighted on a quarterly basis using a cap-weighted index method, similar to major market indices such as the S&P500 Index. In this way, more funds are weighted/allocated to those companies with a larger market capitalisation. Smaller companies receive a smaller allocation of funds. This provides an extra level of security and risk management.


Fees are charged monthly in arrears, except transaction fees which are charged at the time of any buys or sells of securities within your portfolio.

Our fee structure reflects our automated systems of wealth management and we believe is relatively inexpensive when compared to other “full service” financial planning providers.

Portfolio Management Fee

Calculated on the average funds under management over the previous 12 months (charged monthly).

  • For balances over $50,000 – 0.50% per annum – applied monthly.
  • For balances under $50,000 – 1.00% per annum – applied monthly.

Transaction Fees

Buy and sell trades are executed on the Ausiex platform (formerly CommSec Adviser Services) at their base wholesale brokerage rate of $25 (minimum) or 0.11%, whichever is higher. WCF adds no premium on top of this base rate.

Performance Fee

A performance fee of 20% is applied to any amount above the related FYTD benchmark return. This calculation is performed monthly (based on the accumulating FYTD return) and if applicable the fee will be applied within the first week of the following month. At the end of the financial year (June 30) this same calculation is performed on the full year’s performance and any excess fees that have been charged during the year are carried over to the new financial year and subtracted off subsequent FYTD performance. In this way, this over-charged amount becomes a hurdle that needs to be overcome with future performance in order for a valid performance fee to be charged.

We aim to out-perform the related portfolio’s benchmark index (listed below) return over the current financial year. The relevant benchmark indexes are as follows:

* Published monthly by Lonsec Research Pty Ltd

WCF Risk ProfileFE Benchmark
DefensiveFE UT PG Multi-Asset Cautious Index
ConservativeFE UT PG Multi-Asset Moderate Index
BalancedFE UT PG Multi-Asset Balanced Index
GrowthFE UT PG Multi-Asset Growth Index
High GrowthFE UT PG Multi-Asset Aggressive Index

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