3 Stage Investment Process

Our vision is to automate as much of the financial planning and wealth creation process as possible, and we continue to find ways to streamline your path to financial independence all the time.

When it comes to investing your hard earned money, we understand that it’s a very important and emotionally driven decision and you may not be comfortable with handing over your money based on a strategy generated by a so-called “robo-advice” service. After all, you want to be sure that your funds are working as hard as you are and that your money will grow and be there when you need it. Or in other words you want your financial resources to one day to support your lifestyle indefinately, without you having to work.

With this in mind, we understand that in order for you to take action and get started with one of our wealth creation plans, even though we’re mostly an online service, we still need to gain your trust and make sure that you are comfortable and confident with both our ability to successfully implement your strategy and to continue to deliver a high level of service in the years to come.

We see your acquisition of your customised investment portfolio through WealthCircles Financial as just the beginning. Beyond this first step, our hope is that we can assist you in adding further layers of complexity to your strategy as time goes on and you gain even more confidence and trust in our process. Things like life insurance, short term trading, direct property and so on. And in doing so further expand your financial prosperity and increase the speed in which you attain your financial goals.

All that lies ahead of us should you choose to come on this journey with us. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and that is what we’re here to help you with.

Below is an outline of our 3 stage process of acquiring your own customised investment strategy that is the at the core of what we do.

When you are ready, click the button below to get started with our brief risk profile questionairre, which will guide us in designing your ideal portfolio based on your resulting risk profile.

And remember, simply taking this risk assessment by no means obligates you to take any action or investment. This is simply the preliminary work to enable us to present a suitable investment vehicle to you at the end. Whether you then choose to implement our recommendation is totally up to you. Ok, let’s get started…


Determine your investment risk profile

The first thing we need to do is to determine your tolerance to risk. That is, the potential for negative returns in the short term to reach your goals in the longer term. We’ll ask you some questions that should only take about 5 minutes. Your responses will be analysed and a general risk profile determined. Then it’s on to Stage 2.


Build your ideal investment portfolio

Based on your general risk profile as determined in Stage 1, we’ll now present you with our recommended asset allocation mix. You will have an opportunity to make changes here as you see fit, within our approved parameters. Once we’ve established how much of your capital you wish to allocate to the different asset classes, it’s then on to Stage 3 to get your accounts opened so we can begin your acquisitions.


Implement your investment strategy

This is where the rubber meets the road and we’ll actually begin the process of opening the necessary accounts with which to construct your portfolio. This is a critical step and once we have activated your accounts, you’ll then have an opportunity to review our recommended investments that make up the various asset classes that you determined in Stage 2. Design your own custom portfolio or use our recommended stock picks.