Our pricing model is simple, transparent and efficient. We keep our business lean using technology and automation wherever possible and we are incentivised to provide the best returns and service to our clients.

Transaction Fees

WCF charges brokerage fees on new acquisition trades only. Re-balancing trades are executed at minimum cost*.  There are no ongoing management fees.


Funds Under Management of
$5,000 up to $199,999

$50or 1.00%

Brokerage charged at $50 minimum, up to $5,000, then 1% of trade value.


Funds Under Management of
$500,000 or more

$25or 0.5%

Brokerage charged at $25 minimum, up to $5,000, then 0.5% of trade value.

Performance Fee

WCF charges a quarterly performance fee if we succeed in reaching our target objective return for your chosen portfolio. Here’s how it works…

This fee only applies if we exceed our profit objective for your portolio. In other words, only if you make money!

Performance Fees Are Only Charged On The Profits Above Your Targeted Growth Objective

WealthCircles Financial makes money only if you make money. This performance fee, or as we like to call it “our performance reward”, is only applicable if we succeed in exceeding the return objective for your portfolio (listed below). Our performance reward is 20% of any out-performance of the minimum return objective.

Defensive Conservative Balanced Growth High Growth
Return Objective Cash + 1.50% p.a. Cash + 2.50% p.a. Cash + 4.00% p.a. Cash + 6.00% p.a. Cash + 7.00% p.a.

For more information on our range of investment models, please check out the Investments page.

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