Automated Investment Management Service

that makes it easy to run a high performing investment portfolio…

Choose from five asset allocation strategies designed to manage the risk and return potential of your investment portfolio. Automatic re-balancing and reinvestment of returns will keep your funds growing and on track with your financial goals.

SMART Investing

You’ve heard of SMART goals, well this is our twist that we came up with to describe our process and philosophy of wealth creation.

  • Systematised
  • Measurable
  • Automated
  • Researched
  • Trending


We don’t base our investments on a hunch, or on public opinion. We invest our funds based on a systematic approach and mathematical principles. We take the human element out of the equation.


Of course we need a way to measure the success of our investment endeavours. Instead of using a hypothical index as our benchmark, we use a “return objective”. Our success is measured by whether we achive a return in excess of this objective.


As much as possible, we automate much of our business and of our investment decisions. This is done by using the technology provided by our investment platform, technical analysis of stock charts, buying and selling rules and mathematical principles that have been proven to work in all market conditions.


Before we even consider going into battle, we need to have sent out our scouts to assess the intel. In the world of investment management this means looking at a company’s historical financials and performance in the marketplace. We then apply filters to find the quality investment opportunities.


Once our research has given us a positive signal for a “high quality investment opportunity”, we then apply a series of chart parameters to determine the overal trend or general market bias of the stock at this time. Is the price trending upwards, sideways or downward. This final check ensures we stay out of markets that are going in the wrong direction.

Full Transparency

You’ll have complete online access to your investments and cash accounts via our world-class online platform. Real-time reporting let’s you know exactly where you stand and makes tax time a breeze with comprehensive reporting functionality.

Ongoing Professional Management

We may be an online financial services business, but your portfolio is professionally managed by real people who monitor and re-balance your assets according to your agreed fund allocation strategy.

Direct Ownership

Your portfolio is invested into shares and exchange traded funds which are held on your own broker-sponsored CHESS HIN (Holder Identification Number). This means that your assets are always in your control.

Low Cost Investing

Being a mostly automated, “robo-investment” service, we can keep our costs low and pass on significant savings to our clients. This means more money is retained in your investments rather than leaking out as fees.

High Growth

A portfolio of investments predominantly in Australian and international shares. Aims to produce high levels of capital growth over 7 or more years.


A diversified portfolio of ASX-listed investments in mainly the more aggressive asset classes of Australian and international shares. Aims to produce above-average returns over a 5+ year period.


A balanced portfolio of investments with a moderate tilt towards the more aggressive asset classes of Australian and international shares. The portfolio is designed with a long term time horizon of five years or more. It will exhibit some volatility in the short term.


A balanced portfolio of investments taking in all normal asset classes. This portfolio will aim to achieve a satisfactory market related return over the longer term (at least five years) with potential for moderate capital volatility in the shorter term.


A portfolio containing core investments which have a bias towards security of capital. Normally less than half the portfolio would be placed in property and Australian and overseas share investments. These components give added capacity for capital growth over a period of three to five years but will also entail some short term capital volatility.

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