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WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd offers a simple wealth creation solution for individuals and families.

Investment, Superannuation, and Life Insurance are our actual financial products, and in these areas we are not aligned with any specific institutions or product providers. 

Our focus is to provide people with access to financial products and services that make sense, firstly so you’ll know exactly WHY you’re acquiring them and secondly because 

Ultimately, the goal in any wealth creation plan is to reach a level that we call CRITICAL MASS – or what most people call “financial freedom” – where the income from from your investments exceeds your job income, and continues to expand with the least amount of effort or input on your part.

The first step toward reaching your own CRITICAL MASS in your wealth creation is to work on your financial fitness.

In 2016, 29 per cent of Australians are financially unfit – which means they typically struggle to meet regular payments, carry lifestyle debt, have limited insurance and/or no financial plan. In contrast, 9 per cent are  financially super fit – they’re in control and can make the choices they want.


Financial Fitness In Australia

How Financially Fit Are You?

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The Financial Fitness Of Working Australians

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Our Process - How We Create Freedom

In order to create financial freedom in your life, or as we called being “Super Fit” financially, you need a plan.

WealthCircles Financial does not offer financial planning services as this would constitute personal financial advice. Instead, we have an online, self-directed financial planning process (coming soon) that we encourage you to go through at your own pace. At the end of this process, you will have a clearly defined plan that you can implement immediately. This will be your plan, based on your goals. And it will be up to you to drive it forward.

We simply provide you with the tools and strategies to implement your plans, and we’ll be here every step of the way to guide and coach you as needed to get the most out of each of the financial products or services you put into your plan. 

We’ve mapped out the process to increase your financial fitness, and we’ve structured our services around this process. So if you follow our guidelines, hold true to your dreams and goals, and are diligent in sticking to your plan, you’ll absolutely reach your financial life goals, and with a little help from us, in a lot less time than going it alone. We’re on your side, and just like your fitness coach or personal trainer at the gym, we’re here to push you and keep you on track.

We are passionate about our mission and we are continually looking for ways to both improve our service and refine our strategies. We’ve taken the hard work and complication out of the financial world and provided our clients with the shortest path to prosperity.

WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd is a privately owned company, and operates almost entirely online. This allows us to keep our expenses low and within the realm of many more Australian’s looking for a simple solution to the otherwise complicated world of financial services and wealth creation.

Operating under a General Advice only license, WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd aims to bring high performing wealth creation strategies to a marketplace of people who would not normally seek out a full service financial planner. Our online process means our clients can get all the information they need to make an informed decision without all the hassle and expense.

WealthCircles Financial Pty Ltd is a corporate authorised representative of AvalonFS Pty Ltd, who is licensed under Australian Financial Services Licence number 437518. For more information on what constitutes General Advice, or to access our Financial Services Guide (FSG), please see the footer of this page.

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