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Lets cut to the chase…

WHY do you want to build wealth?

WealthCircles Financial takes a different approach when it comes to managing your finances. Instead of designing an investment vehicle based on your age and tolerance to risk, as most financial planners would do, we’ve started with the end in mind. We’ve packaged up a range of financial strategies designed to achieve a specific outcome or goal. Choose from one of our pre-packaged investment strategies below, or design your own using our simple 3-step system. The only question you need to answer is – “What Do You Want?”

Get Out Of The Rat Race

This strategy can be broken down into a simple formula – [passive income – expenses]. When the result of this formula is zero or positive, you are free to quit your job for good.

Childs Education

A 10-year+ savings plan designed to maximise returns through compounding and growth investments. Your child will benefit from a quality higher education and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it’s all taken care of.

Leave A Financial Legacy

Want to leave the next generation of your family in a better position financially. This strategy will insure that they will not only have their immediate expenses met but will never have to worry about financial lack.

Retire Comfortably

Getting a sensible and workable retirement plan can often involve paying huge fees to a financial planner to make up a long term strategy. This plan is designed for anyone to maximise their working income through the acquisition of growth assets, and then turning your retirement nest-egg into a steady cashflow to fund your retirement lifestyle.

Be A Perpetual Traveller

Australians love to travel and for some of us the road less travelled calls us more than just working for a paycheque for 40 years. A perpetual traveller funds their adventures from a global passive income base. This strategy will have you set up with income in multiple currencies from multiple sources.

Own Your Own Home

Paying off your home is a major milestone in everyone’s financial life. You could be free and clear of your home mortgage in a lot less time than simply making the minimum mortgage payment. Your home is your greatest leverage for wealth creation. Pay it off fast with this strategy.

What Our Investors Are Saying…


…excellent result Jeremy. Very happy I made the choice to do my smsf with WCF.

B. Wheeler

Hi Jeremy,

Wow.. you’re doing amazing work mate! Thankyou.

I feel like a total fraud it being called a “self managed super fund” !

Thanks again.

M. Stoppard

Email received Apr 4, 2019, 9:52 PM – in response to their latest quarterly performance report.

Don’t know what you want? Or just want to get on the wealth creation path and start investing?

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How much money do you have available to invest right now?

Note: funds can either be sourced from your own personal savings or equity, or from your Superannuation fund.

An investment strategy based on a specific outcome…

We’ve structured our investment portfolios with a specific result in mind. All you need to do is to decide on when you want this result to be achieved in your life. It’s then simply a matter of following a defined set of inputs, and stick to the plan that is presented to you. We’ve reduced a set of common goals to a set of realistic financial plans that anyone can follow to produce a predictable result.

High performance portfolios designed to meet your investment objectives…

Automated Investment Management (AIM) with a human over-sight ensures your money is invested based on sound local and global market research and according to the risk profile and specific outcomes of your chosen portfolio. Regular re-balancing of your portfolio assets keeps you aligned and on track to the achievement of your goals. We’ve taken the human element out, along with the high fees associated with active fund managers trying to ‘beat the market’, which means more money working for you.

Wealth management products to meet your financial life goals…

Wealth creation, protection and preservation are the core areas of our focus for our clients. We’ve done the market research and analysis to bring you only what we believe to be the best of breed strategies packaged to achieve specific and predicatible results. Why pay high fees to financial managers just to get a well-structured wealth plan and get your your financial houses in order. WCF offers independant financial product advice that empowers you to navigate the often confusing financial marketplace and cut through to the most efficient pathway to your lifestyle goals, no matter what stage of the life you’re in right now.

Low fees means more savings for you and faster progress toward your wealth creation goals.

As an online financial services provider, our utilisation of technology handles the majority of the repetitive, administrative tasks. This means we can be leaner and more efficient in our business processes, and as a result pass on those time and money savings to you in the form of lower ongoing fees. Additionally, our investment portfolios favour direct shares and ETFs which give you diversification in your portfolio, and significantly lower fees when compared to actively managed funds. Over the longer term, this could mean alot more money is retained in your investments and working for you.

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