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What Is A Wealth Circle?

In his highly insightful book – The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey describes the process of becoming more self-aware of our pro-activity in regards to our time and energy, and of course our money, is to focus our attention not on those things that are outside of our control, or what he calls our “Circle Of Concern”, but instead focus our attention and INtention on what we can control, our “Circle Of Influence”. He goes on to say that when we focus our efforts within our Circle of Influence, in a proactive and positive way, it naturally expands to encompass more aspects of our life that we can exercise some control over. Pretty simple concept right?

We believe this applies equally to our financial wealth. By pro-actively focusing our efforts on becoming more informed in the area of our finances, and being pro-active rather than re-active in this area, we are working within our circle of influence. As we get results and continue to focus on the aspects of our financial life that we can control and are most important to us, i.e. earning an income, saving, engaging with a financial adviser, etc, our influence expands in these areas, which ultimately gives us a greater capacity to control more so we unconciously attract more wealth along with more complex challenges for us to exercise our influence and control over.

Bottom line, we can expand the prosperity we experience as individuals and attact more financial wealth.

With this simple concept in mind, WealthCircles Financial offers a simple wealth management solution with resources and information to empower individuals and families, and expand what we call your Circle Of Wealth, or in other words, your circle of influence over financial wealth.

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High Perfomance Investing

Our direct model portfolios have outperformed our benchmark returns significantly since their inception. Don’t settle for average returns from average fund managers, and start getting your excess funds working hard for you. And with ongoing management you keep more money for your future. Get started today!

Retirement Funding

The average Australian Superannuation fund (High Growth option) returned just 7.4% in the 2018/2019 financial year. Over the same period, our High Growth model portfolio returned 24.03%, and that’s before income. As the trustee of your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you can get your retirment savings working as hard as you do.

Wealth Preservation

True financial security comes not only from high levels of income, but also from being shielded from life’s unforseen events. Life insurance is a no-brainer and in our view should be a core consideration in any wealth building plan. We are not aligned with any product providers, so we are not driven by commissions and free to source the best arrangement for your requirements.

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